Ayurveda, is not just an ancient Indian Medical System but it is a science of life. Ayurveda guides us (throughout the journey of life) right from conception to completion. Ayurveda is a key to living an ideal, healthy life which can be achieved by harmony of mind, body and soul. To achieve this perfect harmony, an elaborate daily and seasonal regime has been advised.

Skin is a major body part, a protective layer which covers the entire body. Although it is the outermost layer of the body, it gives a true reflection of one’s inner health. It is a mirror of one’s health. Hence, detailed description is given in Ayurveda about skin, its types, various skin conditions etc. Ayurveda has also indicated about the ways by which the skin can be protected and beautified.

After 18 years of research in this field “Abja” has come up with complete range of skin friendly, ayurvedic skin care products.


We human beings are part of nature. Every individual is beautiful in his or her own way. But our beauty fades when we start drifting away from nature. Effect of modernization has changed our lives, i.e. more cars, factories, pollution, man-made infrastructure, deforestation, consumption of unnatural processed and junk food, destruction of protective ozone layer, harsh sun-rays, which has resulted in the rise of the symptoms of untimely ageing such as grey hair, baldness, loss of glow on skin, dry and damaged hair etc.

The remedy to this is, going back to nature, going back to ourselves. At Abja, we created products based on ancient Ayurveda knowledge, which are natural, free from harmful chemicals.

Let us unwind the vitality within us and bring back the glow and the shine to our skin and hair.


Mira Savoor
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i am Mira Savoor age 86, suddenly i got pigmentation under my eyes which worried me a lot as i am very particular about my skin.Then my daughter told me to use Dr Patki’s Abja ayurvedic cream. I have been using it every day and lo there is a fantastic change in my skin which has cleared a lot. Thanks a lot Dr Patki
Pronoti Joshi
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Hi all.... I have known Dr. Priya Patki for 23 + years. I admire her simplicity and mostly her dedication to her profession ...its impeccable. I have been using her face cream regularly. The cream is made up of pure Ayurvedic herbs and oils. My skin is dry, so she gave me a sample to use. It did wonders.
Also have been using her lip balm which has helped my chapped lips. Wishing Dr. Priya all the best for the product launch and urging all you people to give it a try. You will agree with me for sure.
Saba SaudagarModel and Actress
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Mam your make up remover jelly kind this is fab... Also the face cream i used before using my makeup and it had completely different effect to my face, it’s amazing.

Lip balm is also good. Just add a little fragrance.
Pooja Pawade
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I used the makeup remover..... makeup changala nighato. Also i am a fan of your lip balms.

I would like to buy some for gifting my friends.... as i showed them too.
Manisha Ajgaonkar
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Abja face cream khup changala aahe me thodasa lavala tari face soft and skin glow hote. Thode dark spots pan kami zale. Hya cream mule khup farak padala. Thank you.

Abja lip balm pan khupach chaan aahe me roj vaparate. Oth ajibat phutat nahit. Me nehamich vaparat jain.
Dr Gauri SarvankarB.A.M.S.
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Abja face cream i used it as moisturizer. My skin became soft and glowing, after use of 5-6 days. The cream is non sticky and even used in small quantity gives good results. It also gives good result in dark circle and sun burn skin. overall an excellent formulation. Thanks to Dr Priya Patki for her authentic innovation